To Blog – or Not…

I have never been one for diaries and journals. Many writers swear by them as an aid to creativity. Maybe I should take their advice. Maybe not… we shall see!

A girl must make a name for herself using the means available in this electronic world; there are so many writers out there, and so many ways to publish. I shall try not to be boring or self-satisfied, drum-beating or self-pitying. Instead I shall keep it sweet, at least as far as brevity is concerned. Too much sugar is a bad thing. I shall use the space for pithy observation and comment, and to promote some of my work. I have a collection of short stories, and poems that are becoming a self-organised group – almost a virtual life-form. Maybe I shall post up some fragments of novel. I shall not be prescriptive. Occasionally I may be impulsive, or a little unwise. But risk-taking is not always a bad thing. Perhaps my readers will let me know what they think. Generally, I have faith in the goodness of human nature. I am trying to become less cynical as I get older. Already, I see the temptation to continue, so I will find a poem or story to post.


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