Empirical Argument

A love poem, perhaps!


Empirical Argument

When you are angry, your eyes clip back light
at a particular acute angle. I could measure it
using lenses and mirrors – a vernier calibrated
in eyelash diameters. With this arrangement
we could find, empirically, the formula
for our arguments. Your side of the equation
is the angle of light, its intensity, duration.
My side is the weight of tears – I’ll have
a catch pot ready to weigh them. But what factors
are missing? Does the volume of shouting count,
or is it cancelled out by sustained periods of silence?
We’ll have to repeat the experiment
until all possible arguments are exhausted.
Look, I’ve got the equipment set up. It was simple.
Place your chin just so… I’ll clamp your head.
You fix the dish close to my face. We’ll not be able
to move from these positions. Let’s begin…

One of three poems published in Babel Fruit in 2008 – the rest can be found in:



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