I am delighted that a story of mine is included in the forthcoming anthology of short stories Murmurations – uncanny stories about birds – from Two Ravens Press in aid of the RSPB, edited by Nicholas Royle. The publication date is 31st October, but copies can be pre-ordered at the reduced price of £7.99 inc p&p (£9.99 overseas).

ISBN: 9781906120597


It’s a classy and diverse collection from a classy and diverse publisher. I could get quite frothy about it, but was never a good saleswoman. Read it and cheep with happiness! I leave you with a quote from the publisher’s web site :

Freud  observed that birds ‘don’t seem to be submitted to the same laws of gravity as  us’, although without gravity they would die, as they need it to swallow. Birds  are all around us; they could not be more familiar. And yet at the same time  they are alien, unheimlich – uncanny.

Award-winning  editor Nicholas Royle brings together previously published stories by Daphne du  Maurier, Anna Kavan, Russell Hoban and others with brand-new tales by  contemporary writers including Bill Broady, Adam Marek, Regi Claire and many  more.

With  a foreword by Angelica Michelis, senior lecturer in English at Manchester  Metropolitan University.


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