Late butterfly

late butterfly amongst

littered rusts. Curled leaf

that rises in spring



A quick haiku for a rare splash of sunshine! This morning, wishfully hanging out washing to dry between rain showers, I saw a tortoiseshell flutter down into the gravel garden. It could well have been a falling leaf, but I thought I saw a butterfly… Some species have a winter hibernation phase. Those that hatch late in summer don’t have the chance to mate and  lay eggs before winter, so those that survive hibernation get off to an early start the following year. In this unpredictable weather, that could be a useful strategy. We had summer in March this year!

I like dried leaves and flowers for their architecture, how they show the form of the plant, although it is dead.  I keep heads of roses for decoration. I find them challenging subjects for water colour. The lushness of the living plant is replaced by a brittle ghost. The colours become subdued, like old pen and wash drawings.  They are reminders of lost seasons and promises of new ones, that we may or may not have a part in.

Flowers feature in many of my stories. They are often messages or represent transactions, symbolic of a state of a relationship or state of mind. They are centre stage in the one I have in the current edition of Tears in the Fence. see

Flowers are important in an early short story I wrote, that appeared in Leviathan Quarterly – The Widower. I’ll post that shortly.


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