Mind, Body and Writing

I have been asked to join a ‘blog tour’ on the writing process, by distinguished writer Kathleen Jones. Writers answer four questions about their writing process and nominate other writers to follow them.  Kathleen’s answers are already posted on her blog – A Writer’s Life – and mine will appear on this blog next week on 20th January 2014.

Coincidentally, I had recently considered doing a blog about my writing process, but it is a subject liable to expand to fit the space available! However, the blog tour questions give a framework and a basis for comparison with other writers, helping to get nuts and bolts instead of mumbo-jumbo.

Whilst on the subject of writing – I can now reveal that my short story Touch me With Your Cold, Hard Fingers has been included in the line up for the Salt anthology Great British Horror 2014, edited by Johnny Mains. No one could have been more surprised than me.  I had never considered myself as a  ‘horror’ writer, as I will explain in next week’s blog tour, but Johnny – an experienced editor of the horror genre –  says that horror is a ‘broad church’. Certainly the line-up is diverse and exciting, and the cover art is terrifying! The the title is not yet in print. More information is available from the distributor, Turnaround – http://www.turnaround-uk.com/books/general-reference-study/literary-criticism/the-best-british-horror-2014.html .

The Best British Horror 2014


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