Writing, Procrastinating and Bleaching the Spoons


Right now I am in the midst of a rewrite for my novel, changing a rather significant part of it. (I won’t go into detail now as that would be procrastinating rather than getting to the point of this blog post which is after all about procrastinating.)But this morning as I got up, I found myself firstly up a ladder cleaning the dust from the top of my son’s wardrobe. Then before I knew it this led me to the wool basket in the corner of the living room, where I began to untangle a ball of very fluffy, fine wool. As I was getting frustrated with this task, I asked myself why I wasn’t actually getting on with my novel.

So I decided to write this blog post. (Yes, I am procrastinating but I am procrastinating by writing about procrastinating so at least I am writing.)

This is a…

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