Vertical Writing

Conscious of the decline in my abs and the outcline of my waist measurement, I am trying out the new health advice on standing at my desk. Evidently, it brings many advantages, once you’ve toughened up.  Sitting in a hunched posture all day is bad for you, and it’s easy to see why, but experts tell us it leads to (amongst other things) joint and circulation problems, raised insulin and a foggy brain. I knew about the foggy brain, but blamed it on my age.

If I sit still for too long, I tend to doze off. Embarrassing in an open-plan office (as I found out).  I am a dreadful fidget anyway, so I always get up and walk about, but there are times when one has to apply the seat of the trousers to the chair. Now  it’ll be the soles of the fit flops/clogs/orthotic shoes to the carpet. It’s easier to be on one’s feet for hours if walking about, but standing in one place for an extended period will require new strategies.

I have improvised a high desk for the laptop from a high side table and an empty boot box. I’ll see how long I last, but will try and spend some vertical writing time regularly (I was going to say every day, but wanted to hedge my bets).

Vertical working may have an effect on my creative processes. Maybe my stories will have less of the languid sofa and cups of tea and more bar hanging and louche talk over whisky…


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