Marion Husband’s Turn – the Writing Process Blog Tour

I met Marion Husband when we were paired on a ‘C2C’ (sea-to-sea) writers exchange from the North East to North West – in her case –  and t’other way for me. Neither of us knew the other or her work, but we have stayed friends for over a decade, and I have developed a great respect for Marion’s work.  She  does not tow the line with convention as you will see if you read her blog tour answers:

All the Beauty of the SunSay You Love Me

Marion was born and raised in Teesside and now lives in the village of Norton, just outside Stockton.  She is married with two grown-up children.  Her second novel, Paper Moon, won the Andrea Badenoch Award in 2005 and she received a Northern Writers Award for her forth-coming novel Now the Day is Over.  In 2007 Marion was awarded a Welsh Arts Council grant for her third novel, Say You Love Me.  Her trilogy of novels The Boy I Love, Paper Moon and All the Beauty of the Sun, featuring the troubled First World War veteran Paul Harris, has consistently topped best-seller lists in both the UK and the USA.  A pamphlet of her poems, Service, was published in 2003 and a collection of her short stories, Six Little Deaths, is available as a e-book.  Marion teaches creative writing for the Open University and is often asked to lecture on Creative Writing MA courses throughout the North East.  She is currently studying for a PhD in Creative Writing at Newcastle University



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