Wiggle Room

DSC_0142 (2) - crop

I’ve enjoyed reading how other writers write.  Thanks to Simon Sylvester, Marion Husband and Sophie Duffy for following through with the blog tour. I am grateful for their insights – and for their writing –  I enjoy reading what they write. I am looking forward to what they produce next.

Sometimes, I have  wondered if I should split up my blog into writing and musings, but resist it because the musings are part of what drives my work.  I said that I wasn’t going to take it too seriously – I am a believer in giving ourselves wiggle room in the mind as well as clothes. My blog is what an ex-colleague once referred to as my ‘awake and doodling mode’, on account of my tendency to fall asleep in tedious meetings.  If I doodle or write then I can think more clearly and am far less inclined to fall asleep.  Adopting a ‘standing workstation’ as mentioned in my post Vertical Writing does help. Although I have fallen asleep standing up with a certain facility – once, notably,  on a night shift in the toilet roll factory where I worked as a student that was an inspiration for my setting of the story I mentioned in my blog tour answers  – Winding Starlight.

So here I am standing with my laptop on the hall cupboard, the perfect height for me to work standing up.   A happy consequence is that I am less inclined to be distracted by the wonders of the internet and the temptations of ebay. It may mean I have more wiggle room in my writing day, if not my wardrobe.

Photo is a snapshot at The Rheged Centre, Penrith of wirework sculptures by Michelle Castleshttp://www.michellecastles.co.uk/exhibitions.html


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