The Future, and Other Poems for Lovers



Just bruited through a piece of work. How deadlines converge and cross, like divining rods, over a date.

Whilst working, I came across three little love poems I wrote from photographs of literary couples. These missed a deadline. I don’t know how well they stand without the pictures, but here goes.



The Future


Playful, that leaning back over the railing;

his mid-life spine not so playful,

but that loving look from her

makes it graceful.


Yesterday’s late-afternoon sunlight

illuminates that glance,

catches his silver hair,

binds them together;

all the hope for their future

mapped out in light and dark.

We know how it turned out.



Love Seat


They are not



the two halves of the understanding heart.


Her finger points up to Heaven;

his hands are crossed in his lap.

Patiently, he waits for her

to finish

all she needs to say



At Home


The cat disdains the handsome poet

who teases her with dangled string.

She has rich striped tortoiseshell fur, like a royal train,

and blatantly ignores him.

The man is striped by shadows from the outside world;

he will be acclaimed for what he writes.

His wife-to-be reads intelligently.

She is beautiful, like Cleopatra.

They are all at home together.





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