Books in the Wild

Recently, a large contingent of books in our house escaped when their cages were cleaned, and relocated. Many are still roaming free about the house,  or have been temporarily re-homed, unrestrained by normal boundaries. Others mingle in bedrooms, like an overflowing student party after exams, fraternising in mixed, drunken groups.

Poetry sings love ballads to mathematics, geology and art, novels tease philosophy with larger than life experience,  history can’t decide whether to side with the empiricists or the novelists. Physics hunkers down with books on how to put up shelves, wondering when the madness will end. Worryingly, books on how to play the guitar threaten to see the light of day again. Guitars are worried.  The book on how to play the penny whistle has absconded, as has the accompanying penny whistle…

The authorities have been notified, and new, heavy-duty,  bookcases are expected shortly.


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