Two Readings at Liars’ League Events

Here are some direct links to two of my stories read as part of Liars’ League events – more details from my News and Publications page.

Liars’ League produces themed live spoken word events, mainly in London, where short stories are read by professional actors.  In the two stories below, ‘my’ actors are Carrie Cohen and Clive Greenwood. There is something in a performance that brings out a level of collaborative storytelling that is distinct from reading your own work. Not so much the death of the writer, but the human partnership of strangers – the writer, the actor – and the audience. If you’ve read work to a live audience, you will know that live engagement can be electrifying (and terrifying too, if you get stage fright like I do!) But a writer doesn’t usually get to share the experience of ‘other-readerness’ in their work. It is in some ways unsettling to see a stranger inhabiting your story, but there is the trust of knowing the reader is an experienced professional – they will do it with respect and sensitivity. They will do their best for you, and bring aspects of the perfomative to your work that makes it more accessible to a listening audience who don’t have a text to lean on.

Liars’ League has once again been shortlisted for the Saboteur Awards – Spoken Word Night. Voting is open until 24 May in all categories – so please do consider voting for Liars’ League – there are lots of great stories from talented writers and wonderful readings from professional actors. Links to all of their podcasts, and transcripts to the stories are available from the site, so can be enjoyed all over the world, via the internet.

10 May – One Beautiful Day – read by Carrie Cohen at the Stage and Screen event

This is the podcast of the entire Stage and Screen event. An extraordinarily diverse selection of stories – taking  unexpected directions and sometime unsettling. Enjoy!


8 December 2015 – A Time of Gifts – read by Clive Greenwood at the Kith and Kin event

Here is the podcast for Kith and Kin. A night of surprises!


3 thoughts on “Two Readings at Liars’ League Events

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I think that some stories lend themeselves more to a ‘performative’ reading, and others to a more nuanced approach. It is interesting to consider how one’s work can be read aloud. I feel it is a crossover into play writing.

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