Beans Means Beans

Here is the start of a whimsical longer piece I have begun. It may get darker; the sauce could turn black! Sister Speed Brother Norris has authorised the overtime. Emergency production of State Beans will begin immediately –  before the winter, before power cuts, and before the haricot storage can be infected with mould. The […]


But, the doorbell, the bloody doorbell. It rang again. It played ‘Come to the Cookhouse Door’, a stupid joke from years ago, he should change it. George had a key; he didn’t need to ring twice. They would think that he was going deaf! He straightened his shirt. On the doorstep stood not his son, but Maia. […]


This is a vignette, featuring one of the characters in my Middle East novel. Beryl Beryl Vine is at the door, her small face beaded with sweat from the short walk to our bungalow. She has a flowery plastic bag full of hairdressing things. I invite her in, apologising for the noise. Beryl  seems like a […]

The Taste of Violet

  This is an extract from a longer piece – possibly a novel – that I am developing as a fiction-science experiment. Violet lives in a world where people physically ‘blend’ with machines. Violet is one of the first of the experimental children, who, as unborn babies, are given cybernetic brain implants that develop with […]