The Fool

  This is the little story I read at the Keswick Flood Relief event on the 8 March. It appeared in longer form in Word Bohemia with the title The Bridge. Of the nine writers appearing at the event, several have been directly affected by flooding. Kathleen Jones, in her blog, A Writer’s Life, describes […]

Light Becomes Solid

At the moment of writing, the NASA New Horizons probe is approaching Pluto for its flyby and data gathering mission. It is an extraordinary feat of engineering to navigate a small craft – about the size of a baby grand piano –  3 billion miles across the solar system to within 8 thousand miles of Pluto’s surface. […]

Flash, Errrrm… and – It’s National Short Story Week!

It’s National Short Story Week. Nearly over… I can recommend Kathleen Jones’ blog on the subject of the short story. National Short Story Week: Last Days, Lost Ways. To celebrate the week, I have been playing with some flash fiction. It’s one way of writing five short stories in a few days.  Flash is something I have […]

Launch of Salt ‘Best British Horror 2014’

Salt Publishing’s Best British Horror 2014, edited by Johnny Mains, will be launched on 11 July at Covent Garden Waterstones, 18.30. Some of the contributing authors will be present for readings, wine, Q&A.  But, sadly, not Elizabeth Stott, so I recorded a short extract that I have uploaded to SoundCloud :  (Also accessible from sidebar.) […]

Mad Marmalade on Fire

My family is mad for marmalade. Whole potfuls can disappear in a day, the scraped-out jar left forlornly by the sink, with tell-tale spoon languishing inside. We make our own – the whole mad process, from the procurement of large bags of Seville oranges, the washing and chopping to the simmering and boiling and bottling. […]

Blog Tour – The Writing Process – My Turn…

The idea of the writing process is often talked about in creative writing literature. Whatever your take on it, writing well and consistently requires hard work and dedication. Halo not polished enough in my case, but I do know that magical thinking is not enough!  Writer Kathleen Jones invited me to follow her in the ‘writing […]