I don’t have a cat, but cats find their way into my writing.  Cats are messengers and story-tellers, and follow people through the ages, attaching themselves to the human story, translating it. Here is a poem about a famous cat, whose name I do not know, but she was real enough, and probably did not […]

Ninety Minus

Had my mother lived, she would have celebrated her 90th birthday on 17 January this year. Sadly she died long before old age, before the arrival of her seven grandchildren. I have outlived her in raw age, but somehow still conjure her as a woman thirty years my senior. I suspect that she would have […]


A short poem for the season.     Perihelion     The geometry of time finds a minimum and a maximum. So near, so far, from the sun. Perihelion. In the North, day’s end is quick. The night comes on too soon. In the South, it is summer’s end.     Count the hours, the […]

The Dress Argument

There is a milestone in a girl’s growing-up when her mother asks ‘Surely you’re not going out in that…‘ It’s not a question, but a realisation that the paths of mother and daughter no longer run along the same track. The wardrobe doors of perception of each party overlook different prospects. Here is a poem […]

Visiting the Past

Feeling a little nostalgic, I am posting an old poem that has appeared elsewhere, and within this blog. It is about growing up, but from two perspectives in life. The ‘children’ in question are now unquestionably grown-up. And the adults no longer have to pretend. You can hear me read it on SoundCloud, via the […]

If It Was Quiet

My muse at the moment is a masonry drill, interlaced with the robust soundtrack from the bathroom fitter’s radio and power tools. My house is festooned with dustsheets and off-shelf books piled high. Plumber’s materials and boxes of new sanitaryware promise the bathroom of my dreams. If I dreamed of bathrooms, which I do not. […]

Theory of the Glass Slippers

The story of Cinderella has been told for centuries, and appears in various forms across the world, often involving ladies’ footwear.  Perhaps the most popular is the account involving glass slippers, a fairy godmother and a pumpkin.  Here is a prose poem version with an alternative ending.   Glass Slippers are Not for Running   What […]