Days of Wine and Avatars

Happy New Year. This morning it is 2018. Happy New Year has become a number. We’ll each forget to date correctly on a cheque, or note, until it becomes ‘the year’ proper, when we have forgotten it is new. Happy? Hopefully… Have your resoultions  (I’ll leave that typo!) become reality? Give wishful thinking a chance […]

Captain Hubris Goes Aground

In a week when the concept of a trustworthy politician has truly become an oxymoron, we are left choking and reeling in the noxious fumes of duplicity and plotting. The schemes, and counter-schemes, the double-dealing – all mostly all in the name of personal gain and ambition. This referendum was nothing to do with the […]

False Choices

My first definable awareness of a feminist tendency occurred, aged seven, in Mrs Sharp’s classroom at primary school. It was the early nineteen-sixties, and Mrs Sharp bucked the conservative trend of teachers of the time – she had red fingernails, wore tight pencil skirts and drove an open-top MG sports car. She was probably considered rather dashing and […]