Arachne Press Celebrates International Women’s Day

Today, 8 March, is International Women’s Day. 2018 is also the year in which (some) British women were granted suffrage. To commemorate this, Arachne Press is producing an anthology of stories – We/She – featuring work selected from Liars’ League live lit events. In this case, stories about women, by women, which have been performed […]

Words by the Water 9 -18 March 2018: A Festival of Words and Ideas Comes to Keswick

The Theatre by the Lake is again the venue for the annual festival Words by the Water, the Cumbrian sister festival of the famous Dartington and Southwold festivals run by Ways With Words. Here in Cumbria, we look forward to the festival bus arriving with its seats packed with speakers – including, in no privileged […]

Ninety Minus

Had my mother lived, she would have celebrated her 90th birthday on 17 January this year. Sadly she died long before old age, before the arrival of her seven grandchildren. I have outlived her in raw age, but somehow still conjure her as a woman thirty years my senior. I suspect that she would have […]

The Holiday Handbag

I am not a tidy person, I freely admit.  I am curious, amused, vaguely hopeful, when I see advertised something that purports to ‘organise’ something – be it shoes, hairdryers or handbags. I have my (one) hairdryer under complete control, but shoes and handbags occupy my storage like a festival campers – liable to fall […]

Dangerous Loves, Deeper Truths

Three of my Cumbrian literary connections have written novels that turn and examine issues of sex and sexuality. Two of these novels are debuts,  written by Alex Morgan  and Simon Sylvester. Respective titles: Tandem, and The Visitors.  The third novel, The Centauress, is by the well-published biographer and poet, Kathleen Jones, who has  a previous novel,  The Sun’s Companion, […]