The New Normal

No one will have found 2020 to be an easy year. Everyone will have storoes, some desperately tragic. We seek to express ourselves within our narrowed world. There have been times when I have had to resist the urge to let out my feelings in a blog post, but stopped myself. I shall not add […]

Distractions in virtual worlds

Here is a daft little science-inspired  short story I wrote a while back. The ‘freezing’ aspect of it is, amongst other things, likely to be prohibitively expensive. I’ll say no more.  I indend it as a playful offering. It contains puns.     The Perfect Stillness   When she began to call herself an ‘alternative […]

Save Me

Here is a poem that I wrote in response to the Magma subscribers’  ‘Authentification’ competiton in 2018. (See ‘News and Publications’ from the sidebar.) The theme was to do with computers and identification. It was a fun theme, but got up close and personal in ways that I didn’t expect. Perhaps some AI, somewhere, is […]

The man who had a seed in his ear

I wrote this poem about 20 years ago. It seems, now, to reflect things that have happened in Britain – how we have been snared in a tangle of information – some of it clearly spreading propaganda, division and hate. Some of it is more subtle and nuanced. The virtual evolves into a near-tangible creature […]

Writer’s Cut

Here is a clipped version of story that got shortlisted in a competition almost a decade ago, but it never found a permanent home. In the modern flashion, I have cut it back to just under 1200 words. Not bad for a story covering 25 years!   Keeping Charlie    ‘Charlie is such a dear […]

Arachne Press Celebrates International Women’s Day

Today, 8 March, is International Women’s Day. 2018 is also the year in which (some) British women were granted suffrage. To commemorate this, Arachne Press is producing an anthology of stories – We/She – featuring work selected from Liars’ League live lit events. In this case, stories about women, by women, which have been performed […]

Write To Be Counted at Keswick 13 March

A special reading event for the ‘Write To Be Counted‘ poetry anthology, raising funds for PEN International, will take place on Tuesday 13 March, 2018: 5.45pm, studio, Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, Cumbria, as part of the Words by the Water festival. A selection of featured poets will read from this splendid anthology. The event […]