The Emancipation of Margot Feather

Here is an old story of mine,  which appeared in The Warwick Review a long time ago. It involves a typewriter, shoes, carpets and telephones. Technology has moved on. I thought it would provide some light relief in this challenging time. If you like the story, and the notion moves you, please feel free to […]

Distractions in virtual worlds

Here is a daft little science-inspired  short story I wrote a while back. The ‘freezing’ aspect of it is, amongst other things, likely to be prohibitively expensive. I’ll say no more.  I indend it as a playful offering. It contains puns.     The Perfect Stillness   When she began to call herself an ‘alternative […]

Save Me

Here is a poem that I wrote in response to the Magma subscribers’  ‘Authentification’ competiton in 2018. (See ‘News and Publications’ from the sidebar.) The theme was to do with computers and identification. It was a fun theme, but got up close and personal in ways that I didn’t expect. Perhaps some AI, somewhere, is […]

On The Way Home

  Here is a short story for the winter season.     On The Way Home   Janice pushes her sheets into the old washing machine. Saturday; synonymous with sheets and housework. Shopping. But there is a snow warning. Travel disruption likely – she prudently shopped on the way home from work last night. She […]

The man who had a seed in his ear

I wrote this poem about 20 years ago. It seems, now, to reflect things that have happened in Britain – how we have been snared in a tangle of information – some of it clearly spreading propaganda, division and hate. Some of it is more subtle and nuanced. The virtual evolves into a near-tangible creature […]

Winding Starlight

Here is a story set in the mid-seventies, just as women were legally entitled to equal pay in Britain. Narrated by a young female production-line worker in a toilet roll factory, it concerns itself (lightly) with women’s rights and opportunities framed in the attitudes of the time, and politics in the dawn of the Thatcher […]

Writer’s Cut

Here is a clipped version of story that got shortlisted in a competition almost a decade ago, but it never found a permanent home. In the modern flashion, I have cut it back to just under 1200 words. Not bad for a story covering 25 years!   Keeping Charlie    ‘Charlie is such a dear […]