Stories For Christmas

Christmas is approaching, and many folk will have already decorated their houses in family style. Be it blingy tinsel and garish garlands, swags of prickly holly on the stairs,  or minimalist silhouettes of trees and reindeer, every family has its own traditions as far as decorating goes. We tend to spontaneous arrangements of garden foliage, […]

The Closing Day

Today is August Bank Holiday Monday. It is supposed to be hot and summery. Alas, summer has finished in Cumbria, and wind blows the leaves from the trees. I cannot say for certain that summer actually visited these regions. Autumn has certainly made an appearance, with more than a head round the door. I post […]

What Happens Now

Here is an old story out of my archive. It was published in Dream Catcher magazine in 2004. The Mars globe comes from The Little Planet Factory.               WHAT HAPPENS NOW   Elizabeth Stott     My father does not see me these days. What he sees, I suspect, […]

Soft Robots

Recently, I had the luck to see the new ‘Robots’ exhibition at the Science Museum in London, described as ‘The 500-year quest to make machines human’. I found it fascinating, and often moving. Robots derive from our desire to fulfil and satisfy human needs, whether practical or emotional, and are, perhaps, better contextualised within the […]