Hardwired Kitten Overdrive

My daughter pressed my ‘kitten button’, showing me a page of adorable kittens – posed in teacups, dressed in bow-ties and pixie hats, all floppity-moppetty from the bath, and all cutesy-wootsy perched on the shoulders of tall, hunky men.  And – yes – I went all sentimental and generally silly about these little fluff muppets.  I […]

Barking Up the Tree of Life

Humans have long sought elevation from their earthly state, either spiritually via religion, or culturally by social elevation. Others seek superiority by the acquisition of powerful weapons, and more recently, and imaginatively, by developing super powers or becoming cybermen. Over the last half-century, the  word ‘transhumanism’ has found its way into the vocabulary. Loosely this is the technological, […]