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To Blog, or Not…

Writing and Thinking

by Elizabeth Stott

Welcome to the home page of my blog. You will find some of my writing – short stories, novel extracts and poetry – mixed with reflections on things that engage me. There are musings on life in the universe(s). A bit of science. The odd rant. A memoir or two,  diversions, and self-referential stuff about the practice of writing and the need for good coffee, wine etc.  This is a personal blog, and I reserve the right to get things wrong sometimes. I try my best to be accurate over practical matters, such as the size of the observable universe, but there are people much better qualified than me to talk about that, so if something sparks your imagination, then it is your responsibility to find out more about it.

My stories and poetry  have appeared in various literary magazines and anthologiesSee the News and Publications page for recent publications. My short story collection, Familiar Possessions, is now out of print, but some of the stories are included in the blog pages, accessible from Fiction Links. Click ‘Show’ for the slide-out menu, and use the slider bar on the right hand side of this to move down.  Follow the tag cloud to read fiction, short stories and poetry, or use the ‘Fiction Links’ menu option. Newer posts can be accessed directly from the side-bar.

‘To Blog or Not’ is a play on words. Blogging is a self-conscious activity. One does it deliberately and with intent, but  I don’t take it too seriously,  and hope that you enjoy it. The idea is not to to overwork the observational posts – they are sketches rather than oil paintings and will have rough edges.

Some of my poems and extracts of stories are recorded on Sound Cloud – links from the blog sidebar. Click ‘Show’ and slide down to the widget.

Please note that all characters in my stories are fictional, and that I retain copyright on all of my work. All photographs and artwork are my own.

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