Two Readings at Liars’ League Events

Here are some direct links to two of my stories read as part of Liars’ League events – more details from my News and Publications page. Liars’ League produces themed live spoken word events, mainly in London, where short stories are read by professional actors.  In the two stories below, ‘my’ actors are Carrie Cohen […]


This is a little story cut from a longer piece – a tale of two halves. They say that a short story is all middle, but this is a beginning and an end juxtaposed to make a story. What happens in the middle is up to you.     Accidental   Vera is married to […]

The Rhododendron Canopy

It is undoubtedly autumn. On the theme of falling leaves and the inevitable descent towards the winter solstice, I post a short story that appeared in my 2002 short story collection – Familiar Possessions. In 2011, it was anthologised in Murmurations – the Two Ravens Press collection of uncanny stories about birds.   The Rhododendron Canopy   […]

The Capsule

A short story published in the Dream Catcher magazine ‘humour edition’ in 2005. Humour is a considered term. This story is more than a shade dark, perhaps an allegory, perhaps a kind of brutal reality, or speculative fiction. You decide!        The Capsule     Elizabeth Stott   I am Sunman. Here, in the capsule, […]

Dear Universe

A little short story I found tucked in an old file.   The vicar changed his sober clergy-wear for a floral kaftan. His white dog collar, he replaced with a strip of holographic plastic. He began his prayers ‘Dear Universe’. Miracles started to happen. The church roof stopped leaking, the stained-glass windows repaired themselves, flowers […]

Flash, Errrrm… and – It’s National Short Story Week!

It’s National Short Story Week. Nearly over… I can recommend Kathleen Jones’ blog on the subject of the short story. National Short Story Week: Last Days, Lost Ways. To celebrate the week, I have been playing with some flash fiction. It’s one way of writing five short stories in a few days.  Flash is something I have […]