About Elizabeth Stott

I am a freelance writer based in Cumbria – a rural county in North West England.  Originally a southerner, I have lived here for over twenty years, and  almost qualify as a local. I am lucky to have a large and unruly garden, where the territory is marked out by blackbirds and robins, and the neighbours’ cats. I love to be in the garden as the sun sets across the Derwent Valley and observe the transitional time between swallow-swoop and bat-flight.

I was an early fan of comics and Blyton, moving on to science fiction and Jackie magzine with equal enthusiasm. Haunting the library, I became an avid reader of eclectic, and, sometimes questionable, material, especially when it involved UFOs and alien visitors. I read all the ‘space’ science books I could lay my hands on in the local library.  In those days, it generally meant Patrick Moore or Carl Sagan. I was torn between a career in art or science, but decided I was better at the science, so studied physics at university, but I confess to reading far too much science fiction instead of studying, which was no help to my career in physics. I worked in industry after graduating, before taking time out to have a family.

These days I write fiction and poetry, but science is still a big influence on my thinking and  writing. My  particular interstests are in cosmology, artificial intelligence and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence – a subject that has fascinated me since girlhood. It seems to me that finding fictional characters in strange places has something in common with finding aliens, and the development of intelligent machines. But my fiction and poetry is always rooted in human themes, and I experiment with style and form, exploring narrative approaches. I am working on collections of fiction and poetry, and have novels in the pipeline.

See my page ‘News and Publications’ for up-to-date information.

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